Specific code icon 2017 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code J00

Acute nasopharyngitis [common cold]

    2016 2017 Billable/Specific Code

  • J00 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.
  • This is the American ICD-10-CM version of J00. Other international versions of ICD-10 J00 may differ.
  • Reimbursement claims with a date of service on or after October 1, 2015 require the use of ICD-10-CM codes.

Clinical Information
  • A catarrhal disorder of the upper respiratory tract, which may be viral or a mixed infection. It generally involves a runny nose, nasal congestion, and sneezing.
  • A disorder characterized by an infectious process involving the nasal mucosal.
  • An inflammatory process affecting the nasal mucosa, usually caused by viruses (e.g., rhinovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, and coronavirus). It is characterized by chills, headaches, mucopurulent nasal discharge, coughing, and facial pain.
  • Catarrhal disorder of the upper respiratory tract, which may be viral or a mixed infection; marked by acute coryza, slight rise in temperature, chilly sensations, and general indisposition.
  • Inflammation of the nasopharynx, usually including its mucosa, related lymphoid structure, and glands.
  • Sneezing, sore throat, a stuffy nose, coughing - everyone knows the symptoms of the common cold. It is probably the most common illness. In the course of a year, people in the United States suffer 1 billion colds.you can get a cold by touching your eyes or nose after you touch surfaces with cold germs on them. You can also inhale the germs. Symptoms usually begin 2 or 3 days after infection and last 2 to 14 days. Washing your hands and staying away from people with colds will help you avoid colds. There is no cure for the common cold. For relief, try
    • getting plenty of rest
    • drinking fluids
    • gargling with warm salt water
    • using cough drops or throat sprays
    • taking over-the-counter pain or cold medicines
    however, do not give aspirin to children. And do not give cough medicine to children under four.
Applicable To
  • Acute rhinitis
  • Coryza (acute)
  • Infective nasopharyngitis NOS
  • Infective rhinitis
  • Nasal catarrh, acute
  • Nasopharyngitis NOS
Approximate Synonyms
  • Acute irritant rhinitis
  • Common cold
  • Infectious rhinitis
  • Nasopharyngitis
  • Rhinitis, infectious
Type 1 Excludes
Type 2 Excludes
ICD-10-CM J00 is grouped within Diagnostic Related Group(s) (MS-DRG v34.0):
  • 011 Tracheostomy for face, mouth and neck diagnoses with mcc
  • 012 Tracheostomy for face, mouth and neck diagnoses with cc
  • 013 Tracheostomy for face, mouth and neck diagnoses without cc/mcc
  • 152 Otitis media and uri with mcc
  • 153 Otitis media and uri without mcc

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