• A fracture not indicated as displaced or nondisplaced should be coded to displaced
  • A fracture not indicated as open or closed should be coded to closed
  • The open fracture designations are based on the Gustilo open fracture classification
Type 1 Excludes
  • traumatic amputation of lower leg (S88.-)
Type 2 Excludes
  • fracture of foot, except ankle (S92.-)
  • periprosthetic fracture of prosthetic implant of knee (, )
  • fracture of malleolus
S82 Fracture of lower leg, including ankle
S82.0 Fracture of patella
S82.1 Fracture of upper end of tibia
S82.2 Fracture of shaft of tibia
S82.3 Fracture of lower end of tibia
S82.4 Fracture of shaft of fibula
S82.5 Fracture of medial malleolus
S82.6 Fracture of lateral malleolus
S82.8 Other fractures of lower leg
S82.9 Unspecified fracture of lower leg