Failure, failed

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abortion - see Abortion, attempted
aortic (valve) I35.8
rheumatic I06.8
attempted abortion - see Abortion, attempted
biventricular I50.9
bone marrow - see Anemia, aplastic
cardiac - see Failure, heart
cardiorenal (chronic) I50.9
hypertensive I13.2
cardiorespiratory - see also Failure, heart R09.2
cardiovascular (chronic) - see Failure, heart
cerebrovascular I67.9
cervical dilatation in labor O62.0
circulation, circulatory (peripheral) R57.9
newborn P29.89
compensation - see Disease, heart
compliance with medical treatment or regimen - see Noncompliance
congestive - see Failure, heart, congestive
dental implant (endosseous) M27.69
due to
failure of dental prosthesis M27.63
lack of attached gingiva M27.62
occlusal trauma (poor prosthetic design) M27.62
parafunctional habits M27.62
periodontal infection (peri-implantitis) M27.62
poor oral hygiene M27.62
osseointegration M27.61
due to
complications of systemic disease M27.61
poor bone quality M27.61
iatrogenic M27.61
biological M27.62
due to complications of systemic disease M27.62
iatrogenic M27.62
mechanical M27.63
pre-integration M27.61
pre-osseointegration M27.61
specified NEC M27.69
descent of head (at term) of pregnancy (mother) O32.4
endosseous dental implant - see Failure, dental implant
engagement of head (term of pregnancy) (mother) O32.4
erection (penile) - see also Dysfunction, sexual, male, erectile N52.9
nonorganic F52.21
examination (s) Z55.2
expansion terminal respiratory units (newborn) (primary) P28.0
forceps NOS (with subsequent cesarean delivery) O66.5
gain weight (child over 28 days old) R62.51
adult R62.7
newborn P92.6
genital response (male) F52.21
female F52.22
heart (acute) (senile) (sudden) I50.9
acute pulmonary edema - see Failure, ventricular, left
decompensation - see Failure, heart, congestive
dilatation - see Disease, heart
arteriosclerotic I70.90
biventricular I50.9
combined left-right sided I50.9
compensated I50.9
anesthesia (general) (local)
in labor and delivery O74.2
in pregnancy O29.12-
postpartum, puerperal O89.1
delivery (cesarean) (instrumental) O75.4
congestive (compensated) (decompensated) I50.9
with rheumatic fever (conditions in I00)
active I01.8
inactive or quiescent (with chorea) I09.81
newborn P29.0
rheumatic (chronic) (inactive) (with chorea) I09.81
active or acute I01.8
with chorea I02.0
decompensated I50.9
degenerative - see Degeneration, myocardial
diastolic (congestive) I50.30
acute (congestive) I50.31
and (on) chronic (congestive) I50.33
chronic (congestive) I50.32
and (on) acute (congestive) I50.33
combined with systolic (congestive) I50.40
acute (congestive) I50.41
and (on) chronic (congestive) I50.43
chronic (congestive) I50.42
and (on) acute (congestive) I50.43
due to presence of cardiac prosthesis I97.13-
following cardiac surgery I97.13-
high output NOS I50.9
hypertensive - see Hypertension, heart
left (ventricular) - see Failure, ventricular, left
low output (syndrome) I50.9
newborn P29.0
organic - see Disease, heart
peripartum O90.3
postprocedural I97.13-
rheumatic (chronic) (inactive) I09.9
right (ventricular) (secondary to left heart failure) - see Failure, heart, congestive
systolic (congestive) I50.20
acute (congestive) I50.21
and (on) chronic (congestive) I50.23
chronic (congestive) I50.22
and (on) acute (congestive) I50.23
combined with diastolic (congestive) I50.40
acute (congestive) I50.41
and (on) chronic (congestive) I50.43
chronic (congestive) I50.42
and (on) acute (congestive) I50.43
thyrotoxic - see also Thyrotoxicosis E05.90
with thyroid storm E05.91
valvular - see Endocarditis
hepatic K72.90
with coma K72.91
acute or subacute K72.00
with coma K72.01
due to drugs K71.10
with coma K71.11
alcoholic (acute) (chronic) (subacute) K70.40
with coma K70.41
chronic K72.10
with coma K72.11
due to drugs (acute) (subacute) (chronic) K71.10
with coma K71.11
due to drugs (acute) (subacute) (chronic) K71.10
with coma K71.11
postprocedural K91.82
hepatorenal K76.7
induction (of labor) O61.9
abortion - see Abortion, attempted
oxytocic drugs O61.0
prostaglandins O61.0
instrumental O61.1
mechanical O61.1
medical O61.0
specified NEC O61.8
surgical O61.1
intubation during anesthesia T88.4
in pregnancy O29.6-
labor and delivery O74.7
postpartum, puerperal O89.6
involution, thymus (gland) E32.0
kidney - see also Disease, kidney, chronic N19
acute - see also Failure, renal, acute N17.9-
diabetic - see E08-E13 with .22
lactation (complete) O92.3
partial O92.4
Leydig's cell, adult E29.1
liver - see Failure, hepatic
menstruation at puberty N91.0
mitral I05.8
myocardial, myocardium - see also Failure, heart I50.9
chronic - see also Failure, heart, congestive I50.9
congestive - see also Failure, heart, congestive I50.9
orgasm (female) (psychogenic) F52.31
male F52.32
ovarian (primary) E28.39
iatrogenic E89.40
asymptomatic E89.40
symptomatic E89.41
postprocedural (postablative) (postirradiation) (postsurgical) E89.40
asymptomatic E89.40
symptomatic E89.41
ovulation causing infertility N97.0
polyglandular, autoimmune E31.0
prosthetic joint implant - see Complications, joint prosthesis, mechanical, breakdown, by site
renal N19
tubular necrosis (acute) N17.0
acute N17.9
cortical necrosis N17.1
medullary necrosis N17.2
tubular necrosis N17.0
specified NEC N17.8
chronic N18.9
hypertensive - see Hypertension, kidney
congenital P96.0
end stage (chronic) N18.6
due to hypertension I12.0
abortion - see Abortion by type complicated by specified condition NEC
crushing T79.5
ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.4
labor and delivery (acute) O90.4
hypertensive - see Hypertension, kidney
postprocedural N99.0
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