Bartonellosis A44-

Clinical Information
  • A gram-negative bacterial infection caused by bartonella bacilliformis. It is transmitted by ticks, flies and mosquitoes. Signs and symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, enlargement of the lymph nodes and anemia.
  • Infections by the genus bartonella. Bartonella bacilliformis can cause acute febrile anemia, designated oroya fever, and a benign skin eruption, called verruga peruana. Bartonella quintana causes trench fever, while bartonella henselae is the etiologic agent of bacillary angiomatosis (angiomatosis, bacillary) and is also one of the causes of cat-scratch disease in immunocompetent patients.
  • A44 Bartonellosis
    • A44.0 Systemic bartonellosis
    • A44.1 Cutaneous and mucocutaneous bartonellosis
    • A44.8 Other forms of bartonellosis
    • A44.9 Bartonellosis, unspecified