Early syphilis A51-

  • A51 Early syphilis
    • A51.0 Primary genital syphilis
    • A51.1 Primary anal syphilis
    • A51.2 Primary syphilis of other sites
    • A51.3 Secondary syphilis of skin and mucous membranes
      • A51.31 Condyloma latum
      • A51.32 Syphilitic alopecia
      • A51.39 Other secondary syphilis of skin
    • A51.4 Other secondary syphilis
      • A51.41 Secondary syphilitic meningitis
      • A51.42 Secondary syphilitic female pelvic disease
      • A51.43 Secondary syphilitic oculopathy
      • A51.44 Secondary syphilitic nephritis
      • A51.45 Secondary syphilitic hepatitis
      • A51.46 Secondary syphilitic osteopathy
      • A51.49 Other secondary syphilitic conditions
    • A51.5 Early syphilis, latent
    • A51.9 Early syphilis, unspecified