Yaws A66-

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  • bouba
  • frambesia (tropica)
  • pian
Clinical Information
  • A systemic non-venereal infection of the tropics caused by treponema pallidum subspecies pertenue.
  • An endemic, infectious, nonvenereal disease in humans that presents mainly in children younger than 15 years. The disease occurs primarily in warm, humid, tropical areas of africa, asia, south america, and oceania, among poor rural populations where conditions of overcrowding and poor sanitation prevail. Infection with treponema pertenue, a subspecies of treponema pallidum, causes the disease.
  • Tropical systemic non-venereal infection caused by treponema pallidum subspecies pertenue.
  • A66 Yaws
    • A66.0 Initial lesions of yaws
    • A66.1 Multiple papillomata and wet crab yaws
    • A66.2 Other early skin lesions of yaws
    • A66.3 Hyperkeratosis of yaws
    • A66.4 Gummata and ulcers of yaws
    • A66.5 Gangosa
    • A66.6 Bone and joint lesions of yaws
    • A66.7 Other manifestations of yaws
    • A66.8 Latent yaws
    • A66.9 Yaws, unspecified