Facial nerve disorders G51-

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  • disorders of 7th cranial nerve
Clinical Information
  • A disorder characterized by involvement of the facial nerve (seventh cranial nerve).
  • A non-neoplastic or neoplastic disorder affecting the facial nerve (seventh cranial nerve).
  • Diseases of the facial nerve or nuclei. Pontine disorders may affect the facial nuclei or nerve fascicle. The nerve may be involved intracranially, along its course through the petrous portion of the temporal bone, or along its extracranial course. Clinical manifestations include facial muscle weakness, loss of taste from the anterior tongue, hyperacusis, and decreased lacrimation.
  • G51 Facial nerve disorders
    • G51.0 Bell's palsy
    • G51.1 Geniculate ganglionitis
    • G51.2 Melkersson's syndrome
    • G51.3 Clonic hemifacial spasm
    • G51.4 Facial myokymia
    • G51.8 Other disorders of facial nerve
    • G51.9 Disorder of facial nerve, unspecified