Other disorders of brain G93-

  • G93 Other disorders of brain
    • G93.0 Cerebral cysts
    • G93.1 Anoxic brain damage, not elsewhere classified
    • G93.2 Benign intracranial hypertension
    • G93.3 Postviral fatigue syndrome
    • G93.4 Other and unspecified encephalopathy
      • G93.40 Encephalopathy, unspecified
      • G93.41 Metabolic encephalopathy
      • G93.49 Other encephalopathy
    • G93.5 Compression of brain
    • G93.6 Cerebral edema
    • G93.7 Reye's syndrome
    • G93.8 Other specified disorders of brain
    • G93.9 Disorder of brain, unspecified