Other diseases of jaws M27-

  • M27 Other diseases of jaws
    • M27.0 Developmental disorders of jaws
    • M27.1 Giant cell granuloma, central
    • M27.2 Inflammatory conditions of jaws
    • M27.3 Alveolitis of jaws
    • M27.4 Other and unspecified cysts of jaw
    • M27.5 Periradicular pathology associated with previous endodontic treatment
      • M27.51 Perforation of root canal space due to endodontic treatment
      • M27.52 Endodontic overfill
      • M27.53 Endodontic underfill
      • M27.59 Other periradicular pathology associated with previous endodontic treatment
    • M27.6 Endosseous dental implant failure
      • M27.61 Osseointegration failure of dental implant
      • M27.62 Post-osseointegration biological failure of dental implant
      • M27.63 Post-osseointegration mechanical failure of dental implant
      • M27.69 Other endosseous dental implant failure
    • M27.8 Other specified diseases of jaws
    • M27.9 Disease of jaws, unspecified