Digestive system disorders of newborn P76-P78 >

ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes P76-*
  • P76 Other intestinal obstruction of newborn
    • P76.0 Meconium plug syndrome
    • P76.1 Transitory ileus of newborn
    • P76.2 Intestinal obstruction due to inspissated mil...
    • P76.8 Other specified intestinal obstruction of new...
    • P76.9 Intestinal obstruction of newborn, unspecifie...
ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes P77-*
  • P77 Necrotizing enterocolitis of newborn
    • P77.1 Stage 1 necrotizing enterocolitis in newborn
    • P77.2 Stage 2 necrotizing enterocolitis in newborn
    • P77.3 Stage 3 necrotizing enterocolitis in newborn
    • P77.9 Necrotizing enterocolitis in newborn, unspeci...
ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes P78-*
  • P78 Other perinatal digestive system disorders
    • P78.0 Perinatal intestinal perforation
    • P78.1 Other neonatal peritonitis
    • P78.2 Neonatal hematemesis and melena due to swallo...
    • P78.3 Noninfective neonatal diarrhea
    • P78.8 Other specified perinatal digestive system di...
      • P78.81 Congenital cirrhosis (of liver)
      • P78.82 Peptic ulcer of newborn
      • P78.83 Newborn esophageal reflux
      • P78.84 Gestational alloimmune liver disease
      • P78.89 Other specified perinatal digestive system di...
    • P78.9 Perinatal digestive system disorder, unspecif...