Corrosions classified according to extent of body surface involved T32- >

  • This category is to be used as the primary code only when the site of the corrosion is unspecified. It may be used as a supplementary code with categories T20-T25
    ICD-10-CM Range T20-T25

    Burns and corrosions of external body surface, specified by site

    • burns and corrosions of first degree [erythema]
    • burns and corrosions of second degree [blisters][epidermal loss]
    • burns and corrosions of third degree [deep necrosis of underlying tissue] [full- thickness skin loss]
    Use Additional
    • code from category T31 or T32 to identify extent of body surface involved
    • T20 Burn and corrosion of head, face, and ne...
    • T21 Burn and corrosion of trunk
    • T22 Burn and corrosion of shoulder and upper...
    • T23 Burn and corrosion of wrist and hand
    • T24 Burn and corrosion of lower limb, except...
    • T25 Burn and corrosion of ankle and foot
    when the site is specified.