2018 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code T50.A93S

Poisoning by other bacterial vaccines, assault, sequela

The following code(s) above T50.A93S contain annotation back-references
Annotation Back-References
In this context, annotation back-references refer to codes that contain:
  • Applicable To annotations, or
  • Code Also annotations, or
  • Code First annotations, or
  • Excludes1 annotations, or
  • Excludes2 annotations, or
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  • Use Additional annotations
that may be applicable to T50.A93S:
  • S00-T88
    2018 ICD-10-CM Range S00-T88

    Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes

    • Use secondary code(s) from Chapter 20, External causes of morbidity, to indicate cause of injury. Codes within the T section that include the external cause do not require an additional external cause code
    Type 1 Excludes
    Use Additional
    • code to identify any retained foreign body, if applicable (Z18.-)
    Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes
  • T36-T50
    2018 ICD-10-CM Range T36-T50

    Poisoning by, adverse effect of and underdosing of drugs, medicaments and biological substances

    Code First
    • , for adverse effects, the nature of the adverse effect, such as:
    • adverse effect NOS (T88.7 )
    • aspirin gastritis (K29.-)
    • blood disorders (D56-D76 )
    • contact dermatitis (L23-L25 )
    • dermatitis due to substances taken internally (L27.-)
    • nephropathy (N14.0-N14.2)
    • adverse effect of correct substance properly administered
    • poisoning by overdose of substance
    • poisoning by wrong substance given or taken in error
    • underdosing by (inadvertently) (deliberately) taking less substance than prescribed or instructed
    • The drug giving rise to the adverse effect should be identified by use of codes from categories T36-T50 with fifth or sixth character 5.
    Type 1 Excludes
    • toxic reaction to local anesthesia in pregnancy (O29.3-)
    Type 2 Excludes
    • abuse and dependence of psychoactive substances (F10-F19)
    • abuse of non-dependence-producing substances (F55.-)
    • drug reaction and poisoning affecting newborn (P00-P96)
    • pathological drug intoxication (inebriation) (F10-F19)
    Use Additional
    • code(s) to specify:
    • manifestations of poisoning
    • underdosing or failure in dosage during medical and surgical care (Y63.6, Y63.8-Y63.9)
    • underdosing of medication regimen (Z91.12-, Z91.13-)
    Poisoning by, adverse effect of and underdosing of drugs, medicaments and biological substances
Present On Admission
POA Help
"Present On Admission" is defined as present at the time the order for inpatient admission occurs — conditions that develop during an outpatient encounter, including emergency department, observation, or outpatient surgery, are considered POA.
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Code History
ICD-10-CM Codes Adjacent To T50.A93S
T50.A91A …… initial encounter
T50.A91D …… subsequent encounter
T50.A91S …… sequela
T50.A92 Poisoning by other bacterial vaccines, intentional self-harm
T50.A92A …… initial encounter
T50.A92D …… subsequent encounter
T50.A92S …… sequela
T50.A93 Poisoning by other bacterial vaccines, assault
T50.A93A …… initial encounter
T50.A93D …… subsequent encounter
T50.A93S …… sequela
T50.A94 Poisoning by other bacterial vaccines, undetermined
T50.A94A …… initial encounter
T50.A94D …… subsequent encounter
T50.A94S …… sequela
T50.A95 Adverse effect of other bacterial vaccines
T50.A95A …… initial encounter
T50.A95D …… subsequent encounter
T50.A95S …… sequela
T50.A96 Underdosing of other bacterial vaccines
T50.A96A …… initial encounter

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