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Respiratory disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
Interstitial lung disease due to collagen vascular disease; Lung disease in collagen vascular disease; Lung disorder, secondary; Lung involvement associated with another disorder; Restrictive lung disease due to kyphoscoliosis; Restrictive lung mechanics due to kyphoscoliosis; underlying disease, such as:; amyloidosis (E85.-); ankylosing spondylitis (M45); congenital syphilis (A50.5); cryoglobulinemia (D89.1); early congenital syphilis (A50.0); plasminogen deficiency (E88.02); schistosomiasis (B65.0-B65.9); respiratory disorders in:; amebiasis (A06.5); blastomycosis (B40.0-B40.2); candidiasis (B37.1); coccidioidomycosis (B38.0-B38.2); cystic fibrosis with pulmonary manifestations (E84.0); dermatomyositis (M33.01, M33.11); histoplasmosis (B39.0-B39.2); late syphilis (A52.72, A52.73); polymyositis (M33.21); sicca syndrome (M35.02); systemic lupus erythematosus (M32.13); systemic sclerosis (M34.81); Wegener's granulomatosis (M31.30-M31.31)
ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code J99
  • J99 Respiratory disorders in diseases classified ...